Slotomania game application for big wins

Slotomania is one of the best providers of gambling. Slotomania slots app has collected 500 gambling solutions for every taste. Make your weekdays vibrant, fun and entertaining. Fill life with bright colors. Experience new emotions and adrenaline while playing Slotomania slot machines.

Embark on an unforgettable journey along with the slot machines offered on this gaming platform. Explore the world of excitement, train to play for free from a computer or smartphone. If you are not a fan of social media games, you can play Slotomania on your smartphone or tablet. Such an application page can be a great workout before playing in a real online casino for money.

Slotomania gambling process

The rules of the Slotomania free casino slots are very simple: in the main menu you need to choose a slot machine and proceed directly to the game. Initially, only one slot machine will be available to you. With the passage of the next levels, you can open new slot machines, the game on which is even more exciting and interesting to play, and the bets are much higher. To pass each level, you need to “accumulate” a certain amount of bets.

Currently, 36 gaming machines are available, to open which you need to reach 93 game level. At the bottom of the screen at the time of the game, you must select the size of the bet and the number of lines by which combinations will be determined.

The maximum and minimum bet sizes are individual for each game. You can press the “MAX LINES” button so that combinations are determined on all possible lines. It is worth remembering that the total bet size is measured as the product of the value of the “BET” field and the number of lines. The higher the stakes, the closer the next level and the more wins, but also the greater the risk of failure.

Slotomania free slots offer a lot of opportunities for getting money. You will be given a welcome bonus and other bonuses for various actions are possible. You can also get game coins as a gift. Slotomania is the only gambling mania that will not harm your wallet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slotomania slots

In Slotomania casino slots application you will find incredibly beautiful and thoughtful slot machines that have the following advantages:

  • modern design;
  • understandable interface;
  • simple rules of the game;
  • only the newest, best and most popular slots;
  • the ability to play for free online, offline and in social networks;
  • non-ending promotions, bonuses, free coins, special offers;
  • bonus rounds;
  • abililty to train before playing in a casino for real money;
  • constant updates.

And this is not all the advantages of this application. Free Slotomania is available to any player who has reached adulthood. As for the disadvantages, despite the fact that the game is free, winnings alone are not always sufficient for progress without further in-app purchases.

Play your favorite online Slotomania casino slots: get free coins daily, collect slot cards, earn great rewards and win huge prizes.

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