: Free Las Vegas slots: enjoy hitting the jackpot for free

The first thought to come to your mind when you hear “Las Vegas” is casino slots. Have you ever wonder how the Las Vegas atmosphere feels? Have you wanted to try so many times, but never actually did because of the risk to fail? Las Vegas casino free slots can finally fulfill your dream!

: Play free in Las Vegas: dream or reality

We all know that the real ground-based Las Vegas casinos would never offer any free games to their visitors. They have their reasons for this and nothing can be done about. Can’t it?
The whole Vegas universe has already spread online reaching the farthest places all over the world and finally giving space to the free play. Most of the casino websites can now be divided into three categories:

  1. casinos, which provide their players with free trials or free demo versions, so that they could try and choose a game to deposit;
  2. casinos, which provide their players with both Free and Real Money sections;
  3. casinos with totally free Las Vegas slots, which make their money mostly on advertisement showed to the players in banners and during the game.
    Many games are also designed for both players, who want to play free and those, who want to win real money. So today it is extremely easy to play Las Vegas slots free.

Las Vegas features available for everyone in free Las Vegas slots

Las Vegas free slots online will provide you with the same features of the game play as the real ground-based ones. Most common featured would be:
• progressive jackpots, which increase with each single bet until the winner gets it all;
• various ways to win, which include as creative wining combinations as only designers can think of;
• nudges, which move the reel down for a potentially winning combination;
• autoplay, which spins the reels itself;
• bonus games, which can provide free spins, coins or extra winnings, if played successfully;
• bonus, multiplier and scatter symbols, which increase players’ winnings and can trigger the big bonus depending on the type of free Las Vegas slots.
This list just shows the top of all features that players can benefit from. There are many more of them waiting for you to discover.

: Quick Hit – the classic Free Las Vegas slots style

The Quick Hit slot machine is the perfect example of old-style classic slots as they were at the beginning with classic images such as face values of playing cards, “Bar” badges, bells, sevens and cherries.
Quick Hit has five reels and three lines of symbols with the number of pay lines equal to 30. 150 is the maximum bet in the game.
You can find Quick Hit in all the Las Vegas casinos, since this is one of the most popular slots. It is even more popular, when it comes to playing real money, which means that old-fashioned style will never become really old.

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